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Local legend Dixons Milk Ices is a business which has been trading in Yorkshire for over 60 years. Supplying their amazing ice cream and sweet treats, to Huddersfield locals and businesses.

They wanted a new website which worked alongside their eye-catching brand to promote all of their locations. They also wanted to push to ensure that online sales were prioritise. Also, with future expansion plans on the horizon, they required a system which allows for easy expansion.


Dixons now has a website that captures all things “Dixons Milk Ices”. We’ve built the website to align with their expansion plans with some extra functionality in the background. Working with Dixons in the future we now have a system in place which can easily be adapted in the coming years.

Since launch we have seen a rise in clicks through to online sales. We’ve loved working with another local legend and are inspired to become one ourselves in the near future.

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