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Round Recruitment was a start-up recruitment consultancy looking to stand out from the crowd. With a market sector having an extremely high level of competition it was key to ensure we created something which stood out within the market.

Round wanted a website with some extremely cool sets of custom built functionality which surpassed competition and kept users interested. They also wanted a conversion focussed website in order to take advantage of user traffic.


Round recruitment now has a website which clearly explains their vision and it is geared for conversion. We added a number of interactive tools such as the interactive job location map to allow users to clearly find jobs within their sector.

We also added an interactive job board which allows Round to collate all job rolls into one simple place. Round recruitment now uses their website as a key marketing tool for their clients and has embedded itself in a highly competitive market.

Key results seen;

- 1.5K+ new users since launch
- 400+ applicants since launch
- Rank 1 for brand term

High rank terms: “Round Recruitment”"

Data from launch to 17/4/2024

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