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Sole Responsibility is a sustainable resale fashion brand specialising in seconds clothing. With a keen passion for sustainability and zero waste to landfill they want to push their message to the masses. The goal was to ensure that the world knew about all of the good things Sole Responsibility was doing in a concise way.

They wanted to stand out from the crowd within the market sector with an eye-catching brand and website so that’s why we stepped in.


Sole responsibility is now at a market-leader status and it is pioneering its vision UK wide. The brand we created set them apart from everyone within the sector and has caught the eye of many fashion industry leaders who wanted to learn about Sole Responsibilities proposition.

With the website's integrated news feed, and custom built information pages, the website holds a huge array of important information about sustainability and zero waste to landfill.

Key results seen;

- Market-leader status
- Rank 1 for brand term

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