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Hi, I’m Josh, the owner of JPixels. I thrive on helping all manner of businesses to fulfil their full potential by providing a wide range of digital services such as Website design, Website Development and Technical SEO work.

Myself and my trusted set off extremely talented consultants can embed ourselves in your business, enabling us to provide the best possible level of service. 

It’s not just me that you will be working with… you will work with my network of trusted experts which result in outcomes that consistently exceed your expectations, helping you to achieve growth in your business.

Josh Pickles from JPixels

Don't just take my word for it...
This is what my clients have to say.

"Working with Josh is a dream - it's so refreshing to find someone who is technically gifted but also understands user experience and design, Josh worked with my brand brilliantly and designed snd built me a site that I absolutely love. He's great to work with and really does make digital simple. "
Janine Radcliffe
Radwood Communications
"We work with Josh because he makes developing our websites easy - what we design, he makes. We particularly like his jargon-free, enthusiastic approach and of course, his wealth of knowledge. "
Adam Gill
Grammar Studio
"I would like to thank Josh for his approach and professionalism on creating our company website. It’s such a personal product and what you have in your mind is not always how somebody else may see it. Josh must have done quite a bit of research into our industry to create our website. The website was put together in stages, so it wasn’t daunting with Josh explaining the process step by step, sending draft copies for approval and making swift changes. I would highly recommend Josh for his service and on-going service to Cornerbrook."
Nicola Dunn
"All my gratitude to a truly skilled website design and builder, Josh Pickles. He managed to turn something that could potentially be very overwhelming into a stress-free and creatively fun process. Josh showed an acute understanding of my unique requirements and was able to translate these into a finished product that depicts me professionally, while preserving my authenticity. "
Teresa da Silva, MSc, Psychology
Fortis Life Coaching